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There’s a segment of society who will never come to church, regardless of the quality of the church.  Perhaps this is why Jesus never sent people to church, but sent his followers out into the world.  


It is Uncommon Ministries’s vision to equip pastors and church leaders to transform church culture mobilizing the church outside the four walls of the church and to take their faith into the real world.   It is also our vision to mobilize Christ followers in uncommon places to shine the light of God’s goodness sharing the good news of his grace. 


Salt and Light.  It is Uncommon Ministries’s mission to share the love and generosity of Christ that inspires hope in others.  Like salt enhances flavor, Christ followers are to enhance the lives of those within their reach as they shine the light of God’s goodness.  


This is the only way Christ followers become true agents of God’s transformation.  Each of us can build relationships, add value, be a blessing to others, and create a hunger in our neighbors to know more of our faith.


Salt’s purpose is to leave the salt shaker, not remain in the gathering!  
The purpose of light is to eliminate darkness!

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