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“We are more than conquerors through Him (God) who loved us.” Romans 8:37

Notice the writer here doesn’t say God will make us more than conquerors. The writer states WE ARE more than conquerors. This is all about position. We can live our lives trying to achieve success and victory; or, we can live our lives from the perspective of success and victory. I have observed in life we don’t try to be successful. The person who try to lose weight rarely does. No, it is the person who states I AM going to lose weight who finds that success.

Paul is not saying that God will make us successful and victorious no matter what decisions we make. This is not stating God will work FOR our success. Paul is saying God works FROM success. God wants us to be victorious, he wants us to have a successful marriage, a successful business. God isn’t fighting FOR your success, God is fighting FROM success.

God gives us the knowledge to live from victory and from success. As we line our heart and mind with God’s heart and mind we will make decisions and choices FROM success and victory. It’s not God leading us TO success, God leads us FROM success.

Here is an example. God leads us FROM financial success. God doesn’t promise to make us financially successful, he promises to lead us from a position of financial success. Therefore, God leads us FROM generosity; “give and it will be given to you.” It’s not live selfishly, hoard and store all you can and God will lead you to financial success. God leads us FROM marital success and victory. It’s not if you run to God he will heal your marriage and make your marriage great! It’s, when we DO marriage the way God designed marriage then we are coming from success and victory (not fighting with each other, but fighting for each other) and will enjoy the fruit of a great marriage.

You are not to take the position of losing hoping to pull out the win in the bottom of the ninth. You are to live from the position you are a winner! It isn’t arrogance, it is humble submission to a God who work FROM success and victory!

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