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I exist in a racially diverse world. I come in contact with people of many different nationalities weekly. What is interesting about my world is I never encounter racism. People regardless of their race are nice and polite in my encounters with them. As well, I’m respectful and polite in all my relationships. While I do see color or racial differences I don’t approach or relate to a person based upon their nationality or race. I approach every person in the same way, deserving respect and honor. Simply try to live by the golden rule of treating others in the same way i want to be treated.

However, there is a movement growing in our culture that would have us believe we are all racists. This movement spreads their doctrine that whites are inherently privileged and blacks are inherently disadvantaged no matter what your upbringing was. I must pause and admit that there is systemic racism in our culture. And, there are some people who are racist. That being said my experience is that the majority of people are not racist, but oppose racism of any kind. Much of what some might call racism of the privileged and/or the disadvantaged is more a reflection of economics than race.

This growing movement is called woke, and sometimes referred to as cancel culture. Make no mistake about it, the woke movement while may have begun as a movement concerned about the mistreatment of blacks in our culture, has moved far from that mission. Their mission is power and to change culture.

The wokeness movement has created a new culture of fear and divisiveness by creating racism, sexism and bigotry through social media, the news, and corporate America. The wokeness movement is part of big government and has partnered with corporate America using their power and influence to create discrimination where everyday Americans are forced to choose between keeping their job and speaking their mind. As companies embrace the woke culture employees can be fired for posting on social media or having an ideology that differs with company values, and that fear and discrimination erodes our free speech in this country and violates our first amendment rights.

Here is the danger: The woke movement intentionally creates false narratives to promote disunity, discrimination, and uses censorship to create fear because it is easier to control people who are divided and fearful. A leader in the woke movement has stated, “The only way to remedy past discrimination is present discrimination. The only way to remedy present discrimination is future discrimination.” Instead of learning from our history the woke movement wants to judge history and use it to create division.

The woke movement promotes itself as caring about injustice, but it is a game of smoking mirrors. They talk about green energy, climate change, social injustice, racism creating the narrative that they are the only ones who care about mother earth and care about you. They use these very real issues to receive billions of dollars and to gain power, but what are they really doing to make a difference on these issues?

Here is an example. There is a shoe company who has partnered with the woke movement and has donated millions to “good causes” creating the smoking mirror they care about social ills. They will donate five million to the “good cause of fighting against inequality”, but will use slave labor in China to make their shoes to profit billions. And everyone turns a blind eye to using slave labor because it profits billions and we buy their brand because they are cool. The company creates an image of good will, and while everyone is admiring them for the good causes they support they are using child slave labor to make their produce because it is cheaper.

Here is the woke movement's mindset: Find an issue, create division and use that issue to discriminate against those they disagree with. If you are not vaccinated you are an evil person who threatens the life of others and should go to prison, or lose your job according to the woke doctrine. If you don’t follow “their science” you are simply ignorant and evil. if you have a problem with high school students having unisex rest rooms you are racist. If you have conservative views you need to be silenced.

The wokeness movement is infiltrating big government and corporate America to change and control culture. Create big government of woke members, let’s call them the squad, and then big government will bribe big business to do its bidding.

Now for the woke movement to have success you have to eliminate small businesses and replace them with big businesses that control trillions of dollars. Big government will then use big business to do their bidding. It goes like this, we will shut down your competitors and make legislation so you can profit, but in return we want you to do our bidding. The woke movement wants to create big government where the government can function through big business.

The woke doctrine states the real problem isn’t economic poverty and injustice. No! It is racism and bigotry, and they use this narrative to further divide the American people.

The woke doctrine states a person’s genetic power is based upon race, gender, and sexual orientation.

In other words, forget Martin Luther Jr.’s dream where every person would be judged based upon their character. The woke culture states you can’t discriminate against someone on the bases of race, or sex, or sexual orientation, but you can discriminate against a person based upon their political perspective and/or their conservative moral views. They aren’t against discrimination, they want to control who is discriminated against.

The woke movement will continue to create the culture of fear and discrimination. They will continue to use the media, the government, and corporate America to promote their agenda. However, you don’t have to play along. Don’t allow their agendas to shape your views or determine your behavior. Love people and treat them with respect. Denounce racism of all kinds. Stand on your beliefs and values, but do so in rightness and love. Your beliefs are values you live your life by, and should not be used to control the beliefs and behavior of others. Don’t buy into the narrative if you have a different opinion that makes you a racist. Don’t engage in the ungodly behavior of demeaning and hating on others.

Love God and love others as your self is the doctrine of Jesus! Wake up to that!

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