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I love the Christmas season and traditions of celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. However there are some things concerning Christmas that many Christians don’t know because of the influence the Romans have had on our Christmas celebrations.

Here is the rest of the story about Christmas. We must go 1350 before Christ was born when God gave Moses seven holidays the people were to celebrate. You can read about these holidays in Leviticus 23.

The seven holidays:

The Sabbath - Sunday

Passover - March

First Fruits - March (First Sunday after Passover)

Pentecost - May (50 Days after First fruits)

Rosh Hashanah - September

Yom Kippur - September (10 days after Rosh Hashanah)

Tabernacles - September/October

These holidays God gave to the Israelites to celebrate are to be a lasting ordinance for all generation. Here are some AMAZING FACT about these holidays:


The Sabbath - Day of rest

Passover - Redemption

First Fruits - Resurrection

Pentecost - Revival

Rosh Hashanah - Repentance

Yom Kippur - Regeneration

Tabernacles - Rejoicing (God dwelling among the people)


The Sabbath - Day of rest

Passover - Redemption (Jesus died upon the cross)

First Fruits - Resurrection (Jesus resurrection from the grave)

Pentecost - Revival (The Holy Spirit was given)

Rosh Hashanah - Repentance (Law was given to Moses & Jesus baptism)

Yom Kippur - Regeneration (Jesus reads from the Torah and begins ministry)

Tabernacles - Rejoicing (Jesus was born - God with us)

Christmas - Week of Tabernacles:

The week of Tabernacles was a week of no work, simply living and rejoicing for God’s presence with His people. It was a week where the people celebrated the future coming of the Messiah. Imagine every generation for thousands of years celebrating the week of Tabernacles with the promise some day the Messiah will come. 2000 years ago that Messiah was born!

As you celebrate Christmas this year, stop to remember God strategically planned every detail and announced the birth of the Christ thousands of years before it was fulfilled. You are not celebrating a 2000 year tradition, you are celebrating a 3350 year old holiday given to us by God.


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