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Divine Promise of Genesis Five

Genesis five is one of those chapters many may find boring and unimportant. After all, it is just the genealogy from Adam to Japheth, Noah’s son. However, in the Hebrew God is giving us a Divine promise.

In the Old Testament many times the meaning of the stories are discovered in the meaning of the names mentions. This is the case with Genesis five. God is doing more than just recording genealogies, he is giving is a Divine promise to redeem us.

Names and there meaning:

Adam - Son of earth

Seth - Appointed

Enosh - Man

Kenan - Possess

Mahalalel - To Bless

Jared - To go down, descend

Enoch - Dedicated

Methuselah - When he dies judgement comes

Lamech - Made low

Noah - Rest

Shem - Glory

Ham - Father of multitude

Japheth - Made Beautiful

Here is the story (the underline words are the names of Genesis five):

God made all the sons of the earth and appointed them to live. Evil entered God's creation and the sons of earth began to die. God will send another man (Jesus) whom he will possess to bless the sons of earth. God’s son (Jesus) will descended to earth as a man.

Jesus will be dedicated to die to bring judgement to sin/evil. Jesus will be made low in a grave where he will rest (for three days). On God’s appointed Sabbath Jesus will rise from the grave in total victory over sin full of glory as the first fruits (father of multitudes). Jesus will redeem the sons of earth making God’s creation beautiful once again.

In Genesis 1-2 we have the creation account.

In Genesis 3-4 we have the fall of mankind.

In Genesis 5 we have God’s promise to redeem.

The rest of scripture is a story of mankind and God’s covenant promise to redeem mankind.

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